Fred Haines Memorial Award
February 11, 2024

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The Fred Haines Memorial Award was established in memory of all past Presidents of the Fruitvale Co-op. It is presented to grade 12 graduates who are furthering their post secondary education, are active in the community, and are the son or daughter of an active member of the Fruitvale Co-op.
• On your application, please include a segment stating what the Co-op means to you as well as outlining your community involvement and volunteerism.
• Submit your transcripts and marks received in Grade 11 and 12.
• The selection of the successful candidate(s) will be made by the Fruitvale Co-op Manager and two Board Directors.
• Financial Disbursement of the Award will be made to the individual(s) upon satisfactory proof they have been accepted to a post secondary program and will be actively continuing their education.
• A photo opportunity will be requested by the Co-op of the award recipients.
• The award will be held in trust by the Co-op for 16 months following graduation if the student does not continue studies in the September immediately following graduation.
• The amount of each Fred Haines Memorial Award is $500.00
• Applications will be considered from J Lloyd Crowe Secondary School and Salmo Senior Secondary School.
• Two awards will be presented to suitable candidates. The award will not be limited to one High School, however, if there are no suitable applicants an award will not be issued.
The Co-op Manager, President or Designated Representative will present the awards at the graduation ceremonies. If Co-op personnel are not available to present the award, a representative from the school will be asked to make the presentation.
Each school should contact the Manager of Fruitvale Co-op before March 1 of each year to verify continuation of the award program.
Applications and transcripts are to be sent to the Co-op no later than April 15th. A response from the Co-op will be issued no later than May 15.
All communication pertaining to this award will be made through the Co-op Manager.